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realtimevisits is a QUICK & EASY tool for tracking your site’s visitors in real-time. Watch live data as visitors arrive at your site moving from page to page. See if they are reading your blogs, emails, online ads, your profile page, the products you are selling or your posted messages in community forums, groups etc. Being able to watch all your online activities and campaigns in real-time enables you to make quick changes and instantly see how visitors react.

What makes realtimevisits different from other live tracking tools?

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realtimevisits live web tracking tool is simplicity. It is designed for the public, it is very easy to use and portable; meaning, anyone can use it in almost any websites, anytime, using no restricted codes like javascript and other programming codes that some other websites may not allow.

realtimevisits live web tracking tool is simply a matter of copy and pasting a one-line tracking code into your existing web pages. The code can be created in seconds when you log in to your account. You can track an unlimited number of web pages with just a single tracking code, plus it comes with unlimited use – there is no monthly subscription to use this service.

Whether you use it for personal or for business, realtimevisits live web tracking is definitely a helpful tool to use for all your internet activities, track them all in real-time!