Tutorial: How to use RealTimeVisits?

There is no long explanation to do this. Simply copy and paste your created realtimevisits tracking code inside a web page or any sites that allow you to insert an html code and you will be able to see instantly when a visitor landed to that page in real-time.

Realtimevisits is a perfect tool to use for ?

Online Auctionsrealtimevisits brings real excitement to the auction process as you can monitor your auction 10 minutes before your auction ends. You can notice bidders sitting in the auction waiting to swoop. The buzz you get from looking at them refreshing the auction page just before the closing time will be the most intense and exciting part of having realtimevisits. Try using it on eBay, iOffer, eBid, Tazbar and many other auction sites. If you are using realtimevisits on your auction page, you can easily differentiate yourself from the rest of the sellers.

Online Shops realtimevisits helps you monitor your customers when they browse on your items page by page. You will see which item is attractive to them and which is not so you can make quick changes and instantly see how your customers react.

Mass Mailings – measuring the success of your email campaigns is very important. Ensure your emails are being read and your marketing dollars are being spent wisely. realtimevisits can track your prospects from opening your email to visiting your landing page. Know what time these people are usually checking their emails so you’ll know the perfect timing when you send a campaign again next time.

Online Ads – helps you to know how many people are reading and responding to your online advertisements. Know which of your campaigns are successful and which are a waste of time. With realtimevisits you will determine which ad copy you used brought the best results.

Email Signature – do you know when you insert a realtimevisits tracking code into your email signature, you will be able to know if the recepient opened or read your email? Use it in Yahoo, MSN, Google Outlook and other webmail services and see how it brings more excitement everytime you send emails.

Social Networking Sites – Insert realtimevisits tracking code in your profile page like in social networking sites, you’ll see if people are checking your profile. The trick is, find a fill-up form where you can insert an html code in your profile page.

There are many other places you can use realtimevisits like in affiliate programs, online contests, ezine advertisements, site links, blogs, forum postings, FFA postings, surveys, paid classified listings, autoresponders, ebooks, message boards, articles, and much more.

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