Realtimevisits – The Strong Tools for Tracking Visitor Website

Choosing a web visitor behavior tracking tool can be a bit overwhelming these days. The field is filled, many tools are confusing, and trying to get a bang for your buck can be tricky. As an assist, we trawled for 5 kick-butt solutions to set you on the path towards better customer experience management. It will show you who has visited your page in real time, displayed in a widget on your site or blog. It displays various statistics about the visitor, including where they are visiting from.

Real-time visitor tracking tools have been popping up ever since 2007 or so, and now there are many choices in the live website analytics arena. Let’s go over some of the choices and see what makes them stand apart from the others.

RealTimeVisits – The Best Tracking Online Visitor

In addition to traditional conversation analytics, uses meta statistics to create RealTimeVisits and reports on customer behavior. For instance, it turns out website visitors tend to hover over the text they’re actually reading. Realtimevisits ’s Mouse Move Heatmap displays these statistics like so, allowing you to see how different page layouts affect behavior:


Part of the free version of the widget is that it is supported by ads. This allows them to bring the widget to you for free and also an advertising platform for your own website or company (if you pay for it). This could be considered a good or bad part of the service depending on your viewpoint.

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Another nice Realtimevisits feature is the ability to visualize behavior by referring source. So, for example, you can see activity for all those hyperactive Twitter people.

Primary features include :  How to Write SEO Friendly Content Article ?

  • Heatmap Report
  • Scrollmap Report
  • Confetti Report
  • Overlay Report
  • List Report
  • Multiple domain tracking

The Real Time Visits Above options are great solutions to the live-tracking analytics question. I think Realtimevisit are the top analytics platforms as far as overall comprehensive features and ease of use. or Feedjit are excellent if you run a small blog and just want to add simple live tracking to your pages. Finally, Piwik is the ultimate customizable solution look for a how to on setting it up on your website in the coming weeks.

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