All You Need to Know About Facebook Videos Insights

Enter Facebook Videos Insights: Facebook’s measurements board that discloses to you everything without exception you’d need to think about how your recordings are performing on the stage. In this post, I’ll take you through why you ought to make recordings for Facebook (on the off chance that you aren’t now), what the distinctive measurements mean in Facebook Insights, and which five measurements are the most imperative to quantify.

Also, on the off chance that you don’t have room schedule-wise to peruse the entire blog entry, watch our short video about the five measurements we suggest measuring most.


Why Use Facebook to Create Videos?

Facebook Videos Insights

1) Bigger Audience

At more than two billion clients, Facebook is utilized by very nearly 33% of the total populace. That sort of gathering of people is nothing to wheeze at, and you should exploit by distributing video content on the stage.

Additionally, Facebook clients spend more than 100 million hours for each day watching recordings on the stage – practically as much as Netflix. Facebook has a colossal gathering of people that is occupied with video content utilization – so is there any valid reason why you wouldn’t post recordings on the stage?


2) The News Feed Algorithm

The calculation that manages what content is served up in clients’ News Feed vigorously supports video content – particularly if it’s delivered live, or if a considerable measure of clients are drawing in with it (more on that later). Recordings on Facebook will probably get surfaced to clients new to your substance – subsequently developing your gathering of people and prompting more video sees.


3) It’s Easy … ish

It’s simpler than at any other time to make and distribute video content on Facebook. You can begin broadcasting utilizing Facebook Live with the press of a catch, and you can even record amazing recordings with a cell phone. With various free altering programming choices and a camcorder in your pocket, there’s no motivation to sit tight to begin taping for Facebook.


To get to these measurements, explore to the “Bits of knowledge” tab on the Facebook Page you oversee. From this tab, look down to the “Recordings” segment on the left-hand side, and tap on the video present you need on examine.



  • Video Views

“Video sees” speaks to the quantity of clients who viewed your video for three seconds (or more).



  • 10-Second Views

This metric is the quantity of clients who viewed your video for 10 seconds (or more). This number is ordinarily littler than the quantity of three-second video sees, however preferably, the number is close – showing that clients began viewing your video and remained for no less than seven more seconds to continue viewing.



  • Minutes Viewed

“Minutes saw” is the aggregate sum of time clients have spent viewing your video (in total).



  • Video Average Watch Time

This metric is the normal measure of time every client spent viewing your video. It’s computed by separating the aggregate minutes saw of your video by the quantity of video sees.



  • Average Percent Watched

“Normal percent viewed” speaks to what level of your video the normal client viewed.



  • Audience Retention

“Crowd maintenance” speaks to how well you’re ready to keep up your video’s gathering of people by envisioning where amid your video watchers dropped off.



  • Reach

“Reach” speaks to what number of clients saw your video some place on Facebook – as it were, what number of clients your video came to.



  • View Rate

Your video’s view rate isn’t a metric gave by Facebook, however it’s a decent number to compute individually. Partition the quantity of video sees your video earned by the aggregate reach. That will show what number of clients really chose to watch your video, out of the quantity of clients who saw it.



  • Volume On

This metric shows what number of clients saw your video with the volume turned on or quieted. This number is especially profitable in light of the fact that, as of late as a year ago, 85% of Facebook clients watched recordings without sound.

A month ago, Facebook started auto-playing News Feed recordings with sound, so we’ll be intrigued to perceive how this rate develops. Here at HubSpot, we’ve begun making recordings that are volume-freethinker, or demonstrating with inscriptions and designs that the client should turn on the volume to get the full impact of the substance.



  • Reactions, Comments and Shares

This engagement metric incorporates likes, responses (like outrage, misery, and giggling), remarks, and offers of your video. These are markers that your video is reverberating with – or possibly inciting – your gathering of people, and this engagement enables your video to rank higher in the Facebook News Feed calculation.


  • Clicks

Snaps to Play

The “snaps to play” metric demonstrates the quantity of clients who tapped on your video to watch it.

Connection Clicks

The “connection clicks” metric demonstrates the quantity of clients who tapped on the connection in your Facebook video post.



The Best Facebook Insights to Measure

1) Reach

It doesn’t make a difference what number of adherents you have on the off chance that they aren’t seeing your posts. Also, since Facebook changed to a calculation based News Feed, reach has turned out to be more essential than any time in recent memory.

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Since Facebook began down-rating posts from brands and distributers in the News Feed, ensure you’re advancing your natural reach by posting on Facebook close to three times each day.


2) 10-Second Views

This metric is more important than three-second perspectives in light of the fact that a client could scroll, and not even truly be viewing. Truth be told, Facebook had a contention with that not long ago, when they were observed to blow up video see numbers utilizing this metric.


3) View Rate

This metric speaks to what number of individuals are viewing your video in respect to your aggregate reach, and it reveals to you how important or appealing your point is – or if it’s not reverberating with your gathering of people.


4) Shares

This is a definitive engagement metric, and it’s another measure of importance. As an extra, shares gain you more natural achieve when you get free introduction to clients’ companion circles.


5) Average Watch Time

This metric discloses to you how captivating your video is. In addition, Facebook thinks about this metric and gives more noteworthy natural reach to additionally captivating recordings in the News Feed.

In this way, there you have it. Ensure you’re centered around the correct measurements – and not simply vanity measurements – when you distribute your next video on Facebook so you can continue emphasizing on what attempts to better connect with your group of onlookers.


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